Playing Ball in Just Compression Shorts ⏤ RO Podcast 97

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We're in the same building for the first time since episode 70 so you know we had to come through with the important topics: not packing enough boxers on trips, hosting parties, being back in Toronto, and hoopers hoopin in nothing but compression shorts.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 intro

02:40 special shout outs

04:22 we keeps it real

06:25 we keeps it sweaty

10:05 when u gotta hit the wedgie reset

13:53 swim trunks = boxers + ball shorts

15:06 boxer management whilst traveling

22:32 ankle socks & women's slippers

24:00 how it feels being back in Toronto

29:55 living in a big city vs not

33:33 hosting parties sucks

39:42 the iPhone 13 Pro has entered our lives

45:17 you're old if you want to be

52:27 that boy aligned & in sync!!

54:06 if you're reading this, do the thing!

56:20 not all who wander are lost

59:05 create a vision, keep it in sight, make it effortless

1:00:20 when you know you're in sync

1:04:50 looking at another's journey

1:07:30 wrapping up


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