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The gang is being bad in episode 91!! (not really) We talk about getting it out the mud, what's actually in a pack of ramen noodles, restaurants shaming your habits by knowing your name and order, making excuses to get out of other people's plans and people getting mad at you for not posting about everything that's going on.

Episode Edited by Jack Peros. Please go thank that man for his services.



00:00 Intro/New heat!

03:15 Jermaine discovers PB&J's

05:30 We got it out the mud!!

11:50 What’s with all the weird ingredients???

15:08 When a restaurant knows you too much

16:15 Making wild orders under your mask

17:24 TikTok gets at Trey for his Wingstop stunt

19:35 When you tip but ya homie don’t

21:13 Clean them balls up!

25:00 DaBaby gets canceled


37:35 Can Future be canceled?

39:40 I see you didn’t post a story about everything??

43:35 If Drake didn’t post a story I’m not


47:40 Seeing “woke” people do dark things

48:05 What do you think people hate about you?

56:00 Brief your people on your lies

1:00:00 I should be allowed to not want to go to your thing

1:01:25 People press us about what's said on this Pod

1:03:29 Don’t send what you know we won’t like lol

1:07:30 Answering your Discord voice notes


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