Scamming LA Fitness for Free Pumps ⏤ RO Podcast 96

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You know what time it is. In episode 96 we had no choice but to cover scamming LA Fitness for free pumps and ball seshs, Netflix documentaries, the bully from Like Mike, the story of our friend's deteriorating boot and of course our takes on Certified Lover Boy.

AUDIO VERSION (Discord q's @ 1.13.21)

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 intro

00:59 you know what time it is

02:18 Jae living out his Lil Bow Wow vision

03:40 Like Mike and that bully guy

06:28 Untold, and other things to watch

10:36 Malice in the Palace

14:07 the fake football team on ESPN

18:35 it’s time to shave them puppies!!

21:43 Trey scamming LA Fitness

27:28 Jae signing up for LA Fitness

30:13 LA Fitness scamming Trey

36:58 Jae and Trey’s Mario situation

40:14 people whylin in the gym

45:46 golf is hard and hard

47:15 Shel what u been on?

47:44 the vlocumentary

49:34 the time we crashed a drone

52:34 CLB or Donda bro????

55:24 Kawhi is awkward and it’s all good!

56:51 there’s a documentary for everything

01:01:24 Snowfall??? Other shows??

01:02:33 Apple making my product old

01:06:17 The hoopty and Hoodz’ hoopty shoe

01:11:42 outro


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