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Ya boys get together to discuss The Great Brisdale Frozen Chicken Heist of 2007, people who blow their noses with no mirror, the show-down that took place between Trey and Duwayne over a hotdog and an end bread, minimum wage in Florida raising in 40 years, and of course we had to revisit the topic of Trey's doppelgänger from the Hub.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 episode break down

02:20 wiping revisited

07:55 blowing your nose in public

11:42 don’t call me

19:00 don't be nice to baristas

23:00 NOT donating to foundations

26:40 where the money going, pastor?

30:10 Florida min. wage increasing to $15 eventually

35:13 came for party, left with frozen chicken

40:30 The glizzy showdown story w/ Duwayne

52:30 Jehovah's Witness still be knocking??

59:00 Trey’s Doppelgänger from the hub

1:07:00 dropping our boys off on their yard

1:09:50 answering DISCORD questions


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