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We took episode 95 as an opportunity to cover Love Island, buying jimbo's as a young pup, locked up TikTok, the crate challenge, and of course stinky high school jerseys. We hope you take the opportunity to smash a fat plate of food, the like button then the episode itself.

AUDIO VERSION (Discord q's @ 1.29.00):

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 intro

1:53 shoutout to TikTok but chill

3:05 high school announcements + sports

10:17 our Dad throws away everything

11:25 what Shel been on/The Platform

16:45 Trey’s watching Love Island

21:25 could you be on Love Island?

24:55 other reality tv shows

28:47 housewives telling secrets on tv

31:59 shoutout to people eating food rn

33:12 what did u just say??

33:14 watching foreign movies with food

36:07 yall watch Snowfall?

40:05 Sheldon learns a cooking lesson

42:11 100+ body count people

48:17 when people share red hot gossip

51:06 the crate challenge

55:45 coppin jimmies

1:04:46 gwannin wit it at school

1:05:46 running a choo-choo w the gang

1:07:10 those souvenirs with the meat out

1:08:15 phones in the pen

1:11:55 canadian phone plans are weak!!

1:17:04 when your bank gets hacked+investing

1:19:16 reading your comments

1:25:30 tiktok over instagram rn

1:25:55 happy b-day Jeffery

1:29:25 Discord questions in the audio version!


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