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Sheldon jets down to Orlando to discuss our new head-mics, saying no at the gym, successful people have box-breakers, our greatest engineering accomplishments and then discovered that recording yourself for TikTok guarantees an injury.

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Episode Edited by Sahil, Yilmar & Roji




"Bad Bars" Segments by Bogdan


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00:00 - we locked een

01:52 - Sheldon’s YYZ-MCO experience

06:32 - this s-racer chair absolutely blows


08:36 - do you cut it close at the airport?

11:52 - we done ran out of countries (make more)

17:48 - lawn mower gone haywire

19:00 - Sheldon's air mattress experience

20:58 - Julian is putting Shellz through bootcamp

30:55 - being vulnerable & going with it at the gym

31:45 - Bars Rappers Got Away With - Riff Raff

33:11 - Julian actually puts everyone thru bootcamp

37:34 - how successful do you have to be to get a box-breaker?

40:07 - what's your proudest engineering moment?

47:27 - Bars Rappers Got Away With; continued

47:50 - The perfect way to ruin your spine

50:10 - The Ring Cam moment of the week


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