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EP99 - Our brother @RandyRozaay joins us to discuss aggressive drunks, the time Trey went to Mars via Vegas, getting pressed by Audi, fatherhood and of course introduce his second new baby, the Training Ground app.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 intro

02:11 sheldon has a new hat!

03:04 coming live from Hotel X, also a baby's here

03:29 Randy's experience as a new father

06:10 Randy gets Trey & Julian elevated (& beyond)

08:48 the undocumented Trey & Jae coast-to-coast freestyle

11:45 noticing the chapters of your life

13:03 are you an over-analyzer?

16:36 yall show Randy mad love

18:18 Randy analyzes our community, how we got here

24:36 rediscovering books, music etc

26:03 the different versions of you in people's domes

31:00 can you detect a person's true character?

40:12 people who invite themselves

41:50 Randy gets pressed by Audi

44:20 when something on ur car is broken

45:31 buying vs leasing whips

50:23 Randy talks about his app, Training Ground

1:04:14 when a drunk person opens up and is being bad

1:11:09 Dr. Ho commercials

1:12:38 open your mind up, see other things!

1:20:30 clubbing is too much work, our time at home

1:26:35 learn about investing, start small!

1:31:04 put in your brain what you want your future self to be

1:33:00 just start the idea

1:36:50 we out man


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