Trey Snitched on Future ft. Demetrius Harmon ⏤ RO Podcast 113

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@DemetriusHarmon returns to the Random Order Podcast for his green screen debut. He drove 400km from Detroit to Toronto to catch up on carbon monoxide, Young Thug, Italy + Italians, the dark side of Sharktank, why Drake owes us steak, blowin that lavender and of course, Trey's cameo in the 'Wait for You' video with Future and Drake.

Episode Edited by @jaerichards

Trey Richards ■

Jae Richards ■

Sheldon Sabastian ■


00:00 episode recap

01:07 we in this thang + Disney on ice

02:36 what time did you open the eyeballs?

03:53 carbon monoxide detectors + all other detectors

06:13 getting the business in Detroit

07:54 shoutout to Yung Berg

08:44 oatmeal cream pie, white milk and Nutella

11:56 how you GPSing these days? how bout them gas prices?

13:53 the “Don’t Talk to me” feature on Uber

15:18 lavender Q&A

15:28 Young Thug 💔

16:56 you eat Timbits?? who’s ur nugget connect?

20:10 animation by @SOOULPHOROS

21:47 Demetrius in Italy

25:59 ban coins, give us more free stuff

27:24 Trey’s awkward McDonald’s experience

29:07 Trey isn’t good enough for Apex???

31:09 shoutout to our sponsor, Manscaped ❤️

32:32 we got tooters 🇨🇦

34:16 Atlanta

36:31 ideal home locations

38:33 moving back home, people and bubble baths

46:27 bro thicc!!

49:19 Drake owes us tomahawk steaks

51:27 Trey in the ‘Wait for You’ video with Drake & Future

58:10 TeamFollowBack

1:01:43 that tree too strong

1:02:35 Sharktank

1:10:32 I’m a napkin man - RO TikTok

1:11:09 sharks can’t sleep

1:14:14 that’s it man + smoothest royalty free keys ever


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