When Vacation Turns into Bootcamp ⏤ RO Podcast 126

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After 9 days of punishment in the gym lead by Julian, Sheldon opens up. We also talk:

• Where to play your tuba

• Carrying a secret harmonica

• Meat in murky waters

• Crunchy socks

• Being a tiktok dirtbag at the gym

• Absolutely eating it on your front porch

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Episode Edited by Jermaine, Roji, Yilmar & Sahil

• https://mobile.twitter.com/rojimeza

• https://twitter.com/yilmxr

• https://www.sahilkumar.ca

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00:00 - EDIT BY JAE

01:27 - Your producer tag gotta go crazy

03:29 - “Music turns me on” 🧐

05:30 - Sheldon has had ENOUGH with bootcamp

06:55 - EDIT BY ROJI

15:11 - Thank-you Athletic Greens!

16:10 - Other people in the gym

21:15 - You never want to be TikTok gym dirtbag


23:38 - Gym after dinner is noob city

27:57 - Vaughan Mills; After Dark

29:25 - Who’s your boxer brief plug?

31:39 - The time Trey fell in a 4 foot puddle

35:53 - Science is CANCELLED!


38:27 - Where do Tuba players practice??

41:50 - Trey got harmonica dreams

49:39 - Pop Quiz; Terrence Howard edition

51:16 - Ring Cam moment of the week


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