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Another wholesome episode for the people. We had to cover:

- your car breaking down in the drive-thru

- when you have to call the flatbed

- the day robots take the wheel

- furniture being too expensive

- wrestling goes wrong twice

- Jae meeting his nemesis in taekwondo

Episode Edited by: Jae, Trey, BrianFM, Bogdan, Roji

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• https://mobile.twitter.com/rojimeza

• https://mobile.twitter.com/bogdanisinside


00:00 intro

01:46 my luggage is always 1000 pounds

02:44 exercise your ability to hook it up

06:34 when your barber is also your boy

09:31 the barber web series we never made

10:43 reviewing celebrity hairlines

11:36 furniture is too expensive

15:46 Trey get played by the same-day build deal

17:31 "call us for the price!"

19:35 when your car breaks down in a drive thru

21:47 broken vs busted

22:58 the worst way to land, ever

24:18 my boy broke his leg

27:05 you gotta stretch

28:20 human vs robo drivers

32:00 when your car is a breathe-to-start

33:10 do people choose burgundy cars??

33:41 bad drivers get get robo-chauffeurs

34:32 what age do you put down the rock?

35:51 WWE smackdown RELOADED

36:42 y'all used to play wrestle?

38:08 shoes make you run faster

39:53 stop pounding them treadmills

42:58 when Jae met his arch nemesis at taekwondo


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