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Another wholesome episode for the people. We had to cover:

- a chiro session gone terribly wrong

- Airbnb hosts crossing the line

- Krumping 4 justice

- living off $6,700 a month

- Trey's drop top minivan business idea

Episode Edited by: Jae, Roji, Sahil, Bogdan, Trey




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00:00 intro

01:17 Cottage trip gone wrong then right

02:55 Trey's Domino’s customer service case study

03:30 the airbnb no guest rule

05:33 airbnb rules gone too far

06:54 hotels are getting ruthless too

07:52 would Trey hike his airbnb rates?

09:20 i need a hook-up everywhere i go

12:23 ladies = hot showers

13:00 close the toilet seat when you flush

15:58 Sheldon eats more than just fries now

16:57 krump 4 justice

18:48 how to end your vacation

20:41 when’s the last time you went to hibachi?

22:51 Trey’s raccoon encounter

24:18 chiro sesh gone wrong

27:25 reviewing celebrity hairlines

28:42 could you live off $6,700 a month?

33:30 respect your people's back seat pouches!

36:21 you watching hoarders?

38:47 the drop top minivan

43:18 shouting out classic whips

44:51 couch material over leather?

46:31 Safaree gone berserk

49:37 we out


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