You Need a Bidet in Your Life ft. Nitty Sak⏤ RO Podcast 102

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Thank you to @Nittysak for coming through for multiple chats relating to stand-up comedy, running a scheme on the insurance company, and revelations from the magic mushy; chats overshadowed by a lengthy discussion of bidets and the shortcomings of toilet paper. This is one of our more serious episodes.

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Episode Edited by Jack Peros •

Vocals by Carlo •


00:00 intro

01:09 the meat & potatoes

02:20 life

02:36 are we real comedians?

04:42 a stand-up comedy @ church

07:21 fair payment terms = terrible show

09:00 us & stand-up comedy

14:34 Dave Chappelle’s documentary

16:40 Drake & Kanye make up during K Offishall Performance

17:03 Stalling a crowd for 20 minutes

19:30 getting hit by a car

23:14 we’re not meant to work every day

26:10 Cop a bidet

31:33 Wahlid & The Indonesian Toilet

34:36 Julian & the Vanilla Bean mishap

36:55 Dutty bathrooms

38:10 Trey steals luxury napkins

39:38 What’s the Toronto comedy scene missing?

41:54 What value do you get from the scene?

43:32 Revelations off the mushroom

48:18 We have to start cleaning up


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