Sin #2: 'Wrath'

Let’s face it, folks: we all are guilty of the sin of ‘Wrath.’ Whether it’s frustrations in our daily lives boiling over or that special kind of unfiltered rage that comes over us once in a blue moon, Wrath is one of- if not the most- common sins we encounter throughout our lives. And with ‘Wrath’ on the mind, Joe DeRosa and Patrick Walsh get into their next sinful discussion on this week’s “WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL”!

For their second installment under their new format, Joe & Pat seethe over their next deadly sin, Wrath, even ironically showing off their own during this episode. Whether it’s about society, our youth, the digital age, problematic endings or anything else, Joe & Pat discuss Wrath in its many different forms. Meanwhile, Joe & Pat also take time out to discuss some recent horror offerings, including 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, THE WITCH and more.