Sin #3: "Lust"

Since the announcement of their new format, it was never much of a question if “Lust” would be among the first deadly sins covered on WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL. After all, longtime listeners can attest to the number of times Joe & Pat’s commentaries would go off the rails with stories of their lust and the many awkward, often terrible places it took them. And so it should be no surprise that Joe and Pat dedicate their third sin-centric episode to Lust this week on WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL!

For their next installment under their new format, Joe DeRosa & Pat Walsh go into the intimate deep end with Lust, telling stories of their depravity, what may have led to said impulses and where it’s currently led them in life. Whether it’s about chance encounters, relationships in general or their own various vices, Joe & Pat talk candidly about Lust in it’s many wicked ways. Meanwhile, Joe also offers details on his currently-in-progress tour; check and see if you can find him in a city near you HERE!