What Should We Draw?

with Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe

Episode 17: Pleasure Hell (w/ Julia Lepetit)

Fun Fact: Today’s episode of What Should We Draw is actually the first in a long line of commissions from our newest sponsor, The Medici family! In order to handle their generous benefactor’s multitude of requests, Caldwell and Nathan call upon the talents of their friend and fellow illustrator, Julia Lepetit (Dorkly.com). Together, they get to work on creating such masterpieces as an Uncharted sequel entitled “Nathan Drakes Serious Bazoombas”, a fully functional Dragon / Train hybrid, and BiteCoin (the world’s first edible currency). That’s right y’all. Don’t tell our boss, but this episode is a straight-up, business /pleasure cocktail and now we’re straight up drunk at work.

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