Camila Morrone & Iain Lee?

Our first Tuesday episode (feels good!) and our 200th episode (feels really good!) on the same day? There must be something in the air...Maybe it's the spirit of ghost-Diana congratulating us as she prepares for Meghan's big day? (We'll have to see if the Psychic Twins can get us in touch.) Or maybe it's Leonardo DiCaprio's very first girlfriend who can speak! Her name's Camila Morrone and you won't BELIEVE who her "stepfather" is. Or maybe you will. Plus, Iain Lee fell in a well, Hot Felon and Chloe Green are PREGNANT and Kristin Kreuk definitely left that sex slave cult before they did anything totally bad. Ahh! Mandy Moore is waiting for us at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, so we gotta run! Thanks for listening!