Why Won't You Date Me?

with Nicole Byer

29: Dating Thick (w/ Jon Gabrus)

The incredible Jon Gabrus (Raised by TV, Action Boyz, High & Mighty podcast) joins Nicole to share the adorable story on meeting his wife, and how it lead him to make out with all of his friends in the process. Nicole confronts Gabrus on why he hypothetically wouldn't date her, shares more stories about her sleeping with cab drivers, and reads problematic Tinder messages. They also discuss the latest cases of sexual assault in the entertainment industry. Be sure to check out Gabrus's podcast High & Mighty, also on the HeadGum network. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/NicoleByerComedy Be sure to rate Why Won't You Date Me 5-stars on Apple Podcasts. Leave a dirty comment for a chance have it read on-air. Follow Nicole Byer: Tour Dates: nicolebyerwastaken.com/tourdates Twitter: @nicolebyer Instagram: @nicolebyer Facebook: www.facebook.com/nicolebyercomedy