100th Episode Special!!!!

It's our 100th episode of A Funny Feeling and we're celebrating by listening to YOUR stories with some of YOUR favorite past guests. Thank you guys so much for listening and sending it your stories! WE LOVE YOU!

D’Arcy Carden (ep 4) & Brandon Scott Jones (ep 82)

D’Arcy and Brandon are both teammates with Betsy & Marcy on the improv team Search History, performing Tuesdays UCB Franklin at 9:30pm.

D’Arcy is stars in two hit shows: ‘The Good Place’ & ‘Barry’.

Brandon was a scene stealer in the film ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ with Rebel Wilson and also can be seen on ‘The Good Place’ with D’ar!

Jessica Jean Jardine (ep 69) & Yamara Taylor (ep 1)

Jessica is a member of the improv team ‘The Dragons’, performing Saturdays at UCB Sunset 10:30pm. And she’s Marcy’s co-host on Kar Dishin’ It: a podcast about all things Kardashian!

Yamara is a writer and comedian, she’s written on ‘The Boondocks’, ‘Party Over Here’, and ‘Black-ish’.

Bryce Johnson (ep 75) & Michael McMillian (ep 74)

Bryce and Michael are the hosts of our fraternal podcast ‘Bigfoot Collectors Club’.

You’ve seen Bryce in tons of things, including ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

And Michael has starred in hit shows like ‘True Blood’ & ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’.

Frank Garcia-Hejl (ep 28) & Laura Wilcox (ep 20)

Frank can be seen performing with his sketch team ‘Squadron’ at UCB Sunset.

Laura is the author of the book ‘I am Bride’ and a writer for ‘The Jim Jeffries Show’.

Erin Whitehead (ep 27) & Mary Holland (ep 2)

Mary & Erin are both members of Wild Horses: The Perspective around Los Angeles and on Stitcher Premium.

Mary has been seen on ‘Blunt Talk’, ‘Veep’, HBO’s animated series ‘Animals’, ‘Robbie’ on Comedy Central, and the upcoming feature film ‘Golden Arm’ with Betsy!

Please send us your own true paranormal experiences in either a voice memo or e-mail to [email protected].

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