About Headgum

Headgum is an LA-based comedy podcast network - producing hit shows such as Doughboys, Dead Eyes, Punch Up The Jam, If I Were You, and Not Another D&D Podcast.

For business and sponsorship inquiries, please email [email protected].

For podcast pitches and general inquiries, please email [email protected].

Careers at Headgum

We are a small startup team with bright ideas that likes to move fast and have fun. Forward thinking and tech savvy, we're looking to add creative, intelligent members who are looking to face any challenge the industry may present. Join us and build the future of on-demand audio.

The Team

  • Alex Berkmen (she/her)
  • Amir Blumenfeld (he/him)
  • Marika Brownlee (she/her)
  • Dane Cardiel (he/him)
  • Ryan Chambers (he/him)
  • Amir Cohen (he/him)
  • Will Conover (he/him)
  • Casey Donahue (he/him)
  • Joel Dunoff (he/him)
  • Emma Foley (she/her)
  • Angie Garcia (she/her)
  • Erica Genson (she/her)
  • Brad Hild (he/him)
  • Jake Hurwitz (he/him)
  • Micah Hurwitz (he/him)
  • Anya Kanevskaya (she/her)
  • Gionna Kinchen (she/her)
  • Narisa Ladak (she/her)
  • Michelle Macias (she/her)
  • Peter McArthur (he/him)
  • Marty Michael (he/him)
  • Kaiti Moos (she/her)
  • Andrew Pile (he/him)
  • Sam Shackel (she/her)