Red Shoes - Listener Stories

We have some great quarantine listener stories this week. Oz is an essential worker with a ghost manager. Grace in Ireland so a ghost kid in her parent's bedroom. Sasha sends in some orbs. Rachel writes to us with a Friendly Philly Ghost. Timmy has a non-quarantine ghost story (oops, my bad) about a ghost who set him up to look bad. Lesley’s daughter saw a shadow man riding on top of a car and she was once attacked by some demon dog!

Lesley (@tansydolls) referrals for books about Parasitic energy.

- R.H. Stavis and Sarah Durand "Sister of Darkness"

- Edith Fiore, "The Unquiet Dead"

- Josephine McCarthy, "The Exorcist's Handbook"

Please send us your own true paranormal experiences in either a voice memo or e-mail to [email protected].

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