Sonic Booms - Listener Stories

Another week, another remote Listener Story episode! We're riding out this pandemic in spooky style. We have Alexis with a story about a ghost haunting incoming freshmen. A co-workers story from Curtis about a man in a tan suit. Olivia who gets a weird sonic boom when things are suspicious and a doggy daycare ghost! _'s great grandpa has a message in a dream leading him to millions. Melissa, a Spice Girl fan, with a nasty lady in her room! Aislinn saw a reflection of a Fat Ghost, and then a theory about Fat Ghosts from Natasha. We get a story about Angelic Numbers from Stacey, who says she's a skeptic. We have a story about helpful ghost at the Fort Zachary Taylor from Pam. Ashley brings us a story about a spooky PA house (check our insta for pics)! Adam, a southern estate salesperson, got a premonition about toxins!

Please send us your own true paranormal experiences as a voice memo, try to keep recordings under 5 minutes, or write us an e-mail. You can send them to [email protected].

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