Black Lives Matter. We're Matching Your Donations

No episode this week. Instead join us in fighting police brutality, racism and the murder of black people by the police. WE'RE GIVING $5000. WE NEED Y'ALL TO MATCH US! Give until it hurts! This link will split your donation among several important charities.


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  • Sign petitions.
  • Be an ally and engage in anti-racism. Here are some resources.
  • Visit Movement For Black Lives for additional ways you can help the cause.
  • Want to connect with leaders building grass roots campaigns? Click here.
  • Email the Minneapolis Police Department. Click here for a pre-written email.
  • Use this template to contact your representative and push them to consider changing police training to decrease police brutality.
  • Watch this video. 100% of ad revenue will be donated to the associations that offer protester bail funds, help pay for family funerals, and advocacy.

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