Episode 1: Dumb, Louisiana

Public Radio America host Miles Fletcher (Anthony Gioe) sets off to Dumb, Louisiana to meet a troubled man named Jeffers Tatum Trench (Whitmer Thomas) who claims that Lyle Le Monde (Jon Gabrus), a famous winemaker in Napa Valley is a fraud, conman, and potentially, a murderer.

While many of Jeffers’ claims about Lyle check out, his friends and local tattoo artists, Coover “Booger” Daniels (Josh Ruben) and Kimber Gunt (Ally Beardsley), reveal to Miles that Jeffers has a personal vendetta against Lyle, possibly making him an unreliable narrator.

Corked is written and directed by Giancarlo Fiorentini and Jonathan Grimm. Tune in for new episodes every Tuesday from August 16th to September 6th.

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