Noah's New York Bagels with Jennie Pierson

The 'boys are joined by actor and comedian Jennie Pierson (Blackish & Powerless) to taste a breakfast favorite at Noah's New York Bagels. Plus, the crew taste test Budweiser varietals in a new segment Seasons of Bud.

Sources for this episode include:

Liberalism and Protest at UC-Berkeley from Book-It

Progressives in Berkeley Challenged by Tradition by Mark A. Stein

Berkeley: a history of disobedience - in pictures by Greg Whitmore

Chain store bans in San Francisco leave more shops empty, critics say by Roland Li

The History of Bagels in America by Shannon Sarna

The Secret History of Bagels by Ari Weinzweig

Bagel firm founder tells what Noah would do by Ilana DeBare

Noah’s Bagels website 

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