UNLOCKED: Gorko's Planet Clergmas Spectacular


Unlocked and Free for all! It's the Doughboys 2022 Holiday Special! Gorko's Planet Clergmas Spectacular! After Mitch gifts Wiger a Gorko for Christmas, they learn that Gorko is in danger and must return to his home planet before Clergmas.


Griffin Newman, David Sims, Marisa Pinson, Nick Wiger, Jordan Morris, Mike Mitchell, Evan Susser, Paul Rust, Carl Tart, Jon Gabrus, Amelia Marino, Robert Persinger, Yusong Liu, Sam Seagroves, Emma Erdbrink, Zach Cherry, Betsy Sodaro, Mano Agapion, Mookie Blaiklock, Neil Campbell, Mike Hanford, Jefferson Dutton, Tim Kalpakis, and Matt Kowalick

Original musical accompaniment by Yusong Liu

Written by me. And maybe Evan Susser a little bit

Edited and directed and only listenable because of Emma Erdbrink

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