All Stars S1-UNTUCKED E2: I Got All These Daddy Issues!

Ra-Coo-Coo-Coo-Coo. SHADE. Mano and Nicole gab, banter, and kiki about the second episode of Untucked from RPDR All-Stars Season 1. We take a deep dive into the VERY SERIOUS dad talk that's at the epicenter of this episode AND get real about our da-da's. And for no reason at all, we talk about our Taco Bell order & The Taco Bell Hotel. It's a little De-VAHS-tatin'

PLUS, what iconic Tammie lines will we be repeating for our sheer enjoyment?! AND why was Tammie SOOOOO MAD at Michelle Visage?! #WhyYouMadTho

Watch along with us! You can stream all seasons of All Stars in most countries (sorry USA) over at Wow Presents Plus: Rumor also has it you can stream season 1 of All Stars for free over at a popular video sharing site that rhymes with Gayly Motion.

About RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 1:

This season features 12 returning contestants representing the first four seasons of Drag Race. It aired six one-hour episodes. Contestants were judged on their "charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent" and, since they competed in teams of two, also "synergy". The winner received a supply of MAC cosmetics, a "one of a kind trip" and $100,000.



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