All Stars S1E1: The Lost Season of RuPaul's All Stars (w/ Nicole Byer & Mano Agapion)

The costumes! The personalities! The SASS! Drag Race experts Mano Agapion (UCB Drag Race) and Nicole Byer (All Stars S3 guest judge) discuss all the tea as they dissect Drag Race All Stars Season 1. Plus, lots of personal gossip from the set of Drag Race and Drag Con!

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About RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 1:

This season features 12 returning contestants representing the first four seasons of Drag Race. It aired six one-hour episodes. Contestants were judged on their "charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent" and, since they competed in teams of two, also "synergy". The winner received a supply of MAC cosmetics, a "one of a kind trip" and $100,000.

The first episode introduced several changes to the rules for the All Stars competition. Queens competed in teams of two, determined by the contestants themselves. Both members of the losing team would be eliminated each week. The bottom two teams chose one member to "lip synch for their lives". The non-lip synching teammates had the option during the first minute of the performance to declare a "she-mergency", hit a panic button and "tag in" to complete the performance.

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