All Stars S1E4: Myrtle Beach Bottom (w/ Elliot Glazer)

Comedian and actor Elliot Glazer joins Mano to talk about all the drama as we get closer and closer to crowning our first All Star (7 years ago) ... Scream along with us as we gag over the fact that we have already seen six too many cheerleading challenges on RPDR! In the main challenge, the girls are tasked with creating a girl group and repackaging old Ru song. Will we live for the new new NEW RE-re-re-mix if Jealous Of My Boogie!? Or cry NO HUNTY!!? Will our Celebrity guests Kelly Osbourne, Jillian Hervey and Kady Z embrace the challenge OR ruin it ALL like straight cis girls dancing on the bar at Micky’s!?

Plus, Mano pushes the bounds of good taste... for like the 737th time.

Watch along with us!

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About RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 1:

This season features 12 returning contestants representing the first four seasons of Drag Race. It aired six one-hour episodes. Contestants were judged on their "charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent" and, since they competed in teams of two, also "synergy". The winner received a supply of MAC cosmetics, a "one of a kind trip" and $100,000.



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