Who Wants To Be A Fake Drag Race Winner! (w/ Johnny Sibilly)


Welcome to the most serious and most gayest competition in the universe: WHO WANTS TO BE A FAKE DRAG RACE WINNER! That's right, mawma! It's our second episode and we have the iconic, neat, n petite Johnny Sibilly! 14 questions stand between Erin and her just made-up dream of becoming a FAKE DRAG RACE WINNER! Does he do it?! Does he biff it?! Does he even speak even once in the whole ep?! You will have to give it a listen to see! Plus, a special appearance from Raymon Braun PLAY ALONG and see if you have what it takes to become A FAKE DRAG RACE WINNER! GAG, WERK, SLAY!!!!! #dragher

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Art by Jack manion (@jackmanion)

Original Score by Faris Monshi (@farismonshi)

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