with Carl Tart and Ryan Meharry and Greg Gallant

Football's the biggest sport in the country. Fantasy football is even bigger than that. The goal every year is to win your league, have bragging rights over your friends, cash, and avoid the daunted last place prank. But you can’t win alone. Fantasy football is HARD and it always helps to have three comedians who don’t know sh*t telling you what to do. 

The three hosts? Carl Tart (Actor/Writer/Comedian/diehard Saints fan and 2007 All Western League Honorable Mention Tight End), Greg Gallant (Writer/Comedian/Diehard Steelers Fan but probably has never gone to Pittsburgh) and Ryan Meharry (Writer/Comedian/diehard Chiefs fan. Also a pain in the ass who wins the crew’s fantasy league almost every year). 

Join the guys as they draft an NFL fantasy team, discuss the latest NFL news, and chat with guests in the comedy and sports worlds. 

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