#112: Riddies & Daddies

This week we are joined by special guests Freddie Wong, Beth May and Will Campos from The Dungeons & Daddies Podcast! If you're a fan of both shows, you're in for a treat and if you are only a fan of one show, you're about to have a new favorite podcast. Plus we some unintended magic, a pugilist of the avian variety, three birds of a feather digesting their own fate, a brand new due for a very green ewe, a personal moment of self-reflection for someone who breaks mirrors, three studs out to pasture, and a wonderful country evening. Lots of animal stuff in this episode. And don't forget to check out Dungeons & Daddies, especially the one shot adventure with The Clue Crew. Happy #WiddleWednesday


Adal Rifai

John Patrick Coan

Erin Keif

Special Guests:

Freddie Wong

Beth May

Will Campos

Editing by: 

Casey Toney

Theme by: 

Arne Parrott

Logo by: 

Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris

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