#133: Riddleternational Gibberish

The first ten minutes of this episode are not for emetophobes! Unless you get a pass for it being about dogs. Also we talk about accents and how we cannot really do them. All that plus a day on the set of a new hit show, some harmless hijinks at the bottom of the sea, a daring spy on a dangerous mission, a venomous asp with a harmless ask, a wholesome party with some horrible participants, and a scene where two people are in a restaurant. Yeah, I kinda phoned in that last one. Either way, have a happy #WiddleWednesday


Adal Rifai

John Patrick Coan

Erin Keif

Editing by: 

Casey Toney

Theme by: 

Arne Parrott

Logo by: 

Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris

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