Star Wars Fanfiction (w/ Madeline Walter)

Warning: this episode is very, very NSFW. Nicole and Lauren are joined by writer/improviser Madeline Walter (UCB, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to discuss fanfiction, read some hot Star Wars stories, and share their own original fanfic writings. They also discuss Freddie Prinze Jr's recent public Star Wars rant, the popularity of sneaking sexuality in kids media, and the burning question - Can you use the Force to make someone cum?

Next week, we review Star Wars Ep. I - The Phantom Menace.

Sources For This Episode:

BookRiot - History of Fan fiction

C3PO Trading Card With the "giant dick"

Freddie Prinze Jr. Star Wars Rant

Fan Fiction:

He's My Brother by NotebookishType

Distractor by Merfilly

The First by guineapiggie

Music Used:

"Dream of You" from

“Somber Solitude" by Jordan Winslow

"Touch" Piano solo by Mattia Cupelli

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