The Lord of the Rings - 1978 animated version (w/ Michelle Collins)


Trudging ever onward through the deep cuts of the LOTR franchise, Lauren and Nicole bring along comedian and talk show host Michelle Collins (The Michelle Collins Show, Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins) to experience and help piece together the trippy and sometimes terrifying Ralph Bakshi animated film from 1978, simply known as The Lord of the Rings.

The three begin on common ground, airing out their mixed opinions about this film and fawning over Gandy and how much of his, um, Gandy-ness could fill his wizard cap. But then a tussle breaks out as Nicole throws more shade on Gollum, and Michelle comes to his aid! In the end, they all put aside their differences and try to decipher where Peter Jackson is from. He's Australian, right? Or... British or something?

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