The Lord of the Rings Fanfiction (w/ Preeti Chhibber)

Having just finished their first watch through of the acclaimed Peter Jackson trilogy, Lauren and Nicole are joined this week by author, speaker and writer, Preeti Chhibber, to spend some time exploring the world of The Lord of the Rings fanfiction.

The trio navigate stories of varying excitement and severity, discovering their limits in both directions, from too tame to WAY too much. And, of course, they've written a few stories of their own. It's time to make things weird all over again with this new franchise! You knew this was coming...

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Sources for this episode:

Orlando Bloom interview

Preeti's article on (and picture of) Sidharth Malhotra, Indian Elf

Fan Fics:

The Steward's Sons

A Little Care

My Birthday Present

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