Election Day Mixed Bag Mixtape - D&D Court I-III

Fellow Americans, please vote today if you haven't already! You can find your polling place at https://www.headcount.org/. We're releasing 3 episodes of D&D Court from our Patreon to the main feed so you can bring us along with you! Dungeon Bailiff Jake brings audience-submitted cases to Supreme Crit Justices Murph, Emily, and Caldwell who hand down harsh sentences.

Time Codes:

Short Rest D&D Court - (00:00:36)

Mixed Bag of Holding: D&D Court (Part II) - Oops All Edgelords! - (00:51:58)

Mixed Bag of Holding: D&D Court (Teleportation Helmets, Grumbly DMs, & Cluckgane Bowl) - (1:47:30)

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