Ep. 24: Queen of the Sky (Tales From the Crick)

Beverly has insulted yet another god and it's time to fight! The Band of Boobs continue their adventure in the elemental chaos and challenge the Air Titan. Moonshine refuses to swallow her pride, Hardwon gets Death-Eatered, and Bev takes on yet another servant. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content!

Music/Sound Effects include:

"The Titan of Air" by Emily Axford.

"Sumpin's Asunder Down Under" by Emily Axford.

"Baptised" by Emily Axford.

"Steed of the Sea" by Emily Axford.

"Cetacean Farewell" by Emily Axford.

"Into the Flame" by Emily Axford.

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