Trinyvale - Ep. 20: Pricks & Princes

The Triplets head to the high elven city of Illivas in search of a divine relic as well as some much-needed royal redemption. Onyx thrills with familiars, Nyack is attacked by snacks & Jens rekindles a friendship as the hunt for the Sacred Relics continues!

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Audio Production by Trevor Lyon (@LyonatLarge)

Sound Design & Engineering by Daniel Ramos (@Schubirds on Twitter & @Dr.Schubird on IG) and Kei Matsuo (@Nightsharkss on Twitter).


"Trinyvale Intro and Outro" by Emily Axford

“City in the Clouds” by Emily Axford

"Sweeping Up the Shards" by Emily Axford

“Where the Mountain Meets the Sky” by Emily Axford 

"Road to Silverado" by Daniel Ramos

"The Infinite Cheeks of Destiny" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"The Wisdom of Neddas" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"The Journey of the Three" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"Blavin Blandfoot's Bellowing Blunders" by Jens Christian Tvilum

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