Trinyvale - The Story So Far (Ep. 1-13 Recap)

Trinyvale is FINALLY BACK! To help you get caught up on the action, Duncle Caldwell has prepared a special summary of ALL the events that transpired over the first thirteen episodes of the campaign. So sit down, grab some chicken wine and a single butterfinger BB and let the lore FLOW FORTH!

Music Credits:

Sound Design by Daniel Ramos ( and @Dr.Schubird on IG)

"Future Punk" - Daniel Ramos

"This is So Sad Cortana Play Despacito"- Daniel Ramos

"Trinyvale Intro and Outro" by Emily Axford

"The Shard" by Emily Axford

“A Hunkle’s Plea” by Emily Axford

"Pollox" by Emily Axford

"Blavin Blandfoot's Bellowing Blunders" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"The Wisdom of Neddas" by Jens Christian Tvilum

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