Trinyvale Two-Shot: Merry Metal Mayhem - Pt. 2


Welcome back to Mobius! Lead by Boombox the Rat, the Trinyvale Triplettes (and also Sonic I guess) delve deeper into Metal City in search of their missing robotic friend Keychain. Jens outfoxes a bot, Onyx nurtures Nuffin, and Nyack commits the perfect slime as the Merry Metal Mayhem saga comes to its QUILLING conclusion. Happy Hedgehoglidays everybody!


Sound Design, Engineering & Post Production by Daniel Ramos (@Schubirds on Twitter & @Dr.Schubird on IG)

Inspiration for this story provided by "Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook #1: Metal City Mayhem" by James Wallis


"Trinyvale Intro and Outro" by Emily Axford"

Make A Choice" by Hefka" Blitzkrieg" by Hefka"

Castle of Delusion" by Hefka"

Child of Nothing" by Hefka

"The Shard" by Emily Axford “

City in the Clouds” by Emily Axford

“Where the Mountain Meets the Sky” by Emily Axford

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