Stop! Homer Time: The Iliad - Episodes 3 & 4 (Books 5-9)

For our latest show-within-a-show, we'll revisit Ancient Greece through Emily Wilson's new translation of Homer's The Iliad. We'll be reading it a few books at a time and having a more in-depth chat about it than we do about most books. These two episodes cover Books 5-9.

Episode 3: These three books include: gods intervening directly on the battlefield, a new Greek hero emerging, the Trojan hero getting a boost from Ares, Hector's wife and son, and a duel with no resolution. It's action packed but also somewhat restful?  (Books 5-7)

Episode 4: A lot of folks in these two books remembering that Achilles exists. Zeus presides over more fighting, and it's going poorly for the Greeks. So poorly that Agamemnon tries to make good with Achilles but man that guy knows how to be mad, huh?? (Books 8-9)

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