'Down On The Farm' by Tim McGraw (w/ Dana Schwartz) ft. Zachary Williams on vocals

Andrew comes to the pod this week with a barnyard axe to grind: Why ain’t there country music for them northerners? Down On The Farm by Tim McGraw proves the PERfect vessel for his punch up which turns out inventing an entirely new subgenre of music!! Evan is both aghast and delighted. Dana Schwartz (Anatomy: A Love Story; Noble Blood) saves the day as official Rhode Island Consultant, and together they figure out a lot about Quahogs, casual country sexism, wine scrotums, and Hollywood nepotism.

Guest: Dana Schwartz

Special Guest Punch Vocal by Zachary Williams of the Lone Bellow! 

Punch ups available as standalone tracks on Patreon!! It's the best deal on the internet!

Walk-in music: The First Cut Is the Deepest by P.P. Arnold; Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis; The Funeral by Yungblud

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