'Eye of The Tiger' by Survivor (w/ Arthur Meyer)

Is it rude to name your band after an event in which your friends and colleagues died? Is it rude to fire your lead singer immediately after he shreds his vocal chords singing the biggest hit of the 1980s? Well, apparently you don't care about this sort of stuff if you're a true SURVIVOR, because you've got THE EYE OF THE TIGER! Evan and Andrew welcome back Arthur Meyer to Punch Up The Jam, who comes ready not only with a pitch-ready idea for the punch up, but with the dumbest yet most impressive party trick that Evan and Andrew have ever seen! But our intrepid hosts have an ace up their sleeve to shock their guest before the Punch is truly Punched!

Guest: Arthur Meyer

You can now watch the video version of this episode HERE!

Walk-in music: 'Racing Hearts' by Mattie Maguire; 'Get It On' by Chase; 'My Roommate' by The Village People.

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