'Goodbye Earl' by The Chicks

A red-eye flight?!?! FROM Atlanta?!?! Well those travel...EAST! Evan & Andrew wax philosophical about why The Chicks' "Goodbye Earl" demonstrably takes place in France, whether they love music too much or hate music too much, and the dumbest arguments they've ever had about songwriting during their last audio-only episode before Punch Up The Jam's big move to audio AND video next week! Andrew calls his shot early for the Punch Up and performs our intrepid hosts' first ever LIVE Punch Up. Along the way they blaze through some corrections and look back at the most romantic moment ever inspired by Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums List.

Starting next Thursday, 10/13, you'll be able to tune into Punch Up The Jam video episodes (in addition to audio) via The Gregory Brothers YouTube channel!

Walk-in music: ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone' by The Temptations; 'Waterfalls' by Paul McCartney.

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