Introducing: 'Fake the Nation'

Have a listen to Fake the Nation, a recent addition to the Headgum family! Hosted by Negin Farsad, everyone's favorite Iranian American Muslim Comedian Podcast Host with Black Hair and Red Glasses, Fake the Nation is a comedy show that isn't afraid to talk about news, culture, and humanity’s weirdness. Every week Negin is joined by her funniest, smartest, and most politically astute friends. People like Samantha Bee, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Paula Poundstone, Margaret Cho, Larry Wilmore and others. They’ll make you laugh, think, and deliver a gut punch to the country we all love, America. It's like a really fun dinner party where nothing is off limits but you don’t have to pretend to like salad. 

Check out this clip of Episode 160. Bag v. Womb (w/ Benari Poulten, Michael Cruz Kayne) and then subscribe to Fake the Nation on:

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