'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers (w/ Michael Gregory)


Andrew, Evan, and nearly genetically identical guest Michael, discuss a dimension of our multiverse in which Bill Withers became a billionaire by having all his songs recorded by Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson instead of singing them himself. But then they come to the immediate conclusion that that alternate universe is an entirely worse place for it, because we don’t have the privilege of hearing Bill Withers’ beautiful everyman voice, and also being a billionaire doesn’t even make Bill happy. The brothers compete to see which one of them is closest to breaking the current world record for singing the longest note, argue about how out of tune ‘Lovely Day’ is, and after Michael surprises our hosts with a surprise bonus Punch Up, laugh until they cry.

Guest: Michael Gregory.

You can now watch the video version of this episode HERE!

Walk-in music: 'I Wanna Spend The Night' by Bill Withers; 'Suspicious Minds' by Elvis Presley; 'Wake Up' by Ozma. 

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