'Young Americans' by David Bowie (w/ Julian Shapiro-Barnum)


Grudgingly yet proudly acknowledging their middle-aged-ness, Evan and Andrew call in a ringer to shed some light on what the hell David Bowie is imagining when he thinks of Young Americans. Pimps? Hustlers? Richard Nixon?!? Had this guy even BEEN to America?!? Along the way, our hosts reminisce about their viral collaboration “It’s Corn,” Bruce Springsteen plagiarism, whether cocaine can make you a fascist*, and, for no discernible reason, revisit Andrew’s worst opinion.


Guest: Julian Shapiro-Barnum of Recess Therapy.

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Walk-in music: ‘Leaving L.A.' by Deliverance; 'American Boy' by Estelle; 'A Plea For Tenderness' by Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers.'

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