'You're Still The One' by Shania Twain (w/ Jiji Lee)


Ever thought about how making a billion dollars would ruin your life? Maybe you pondered a lot of options (revolutionary coup, botched CoolSculpting, basic bitch drug cartel kidnapping), but you MIGHT have missed an obvious one if you haven’t read all the People mag listicles about Shania Twain’s divorce-slash-husband-swap! Long story short, do NOT hire someone to be your best friend and then leave them alone in a palatial Swiss chalet with your superproducer husband while you go on tour. Evan, Andrew, and friend of the pod Jiji Lee discuss how Shania and Mutt Lange’s ballad remains the most perfect ballad of all time even after their gruesome divorce, and also how paradoxically it could be improved by leaning into Shania’s sheer fury over being spurned, with an added bonus of it being very hard to extradite criminals from Switzerland.

Guest: Jiji Lee

You can now watch the video version of this episode HERE!

Walk-in music: ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ by Bryan Adams; ‘Highway To Hell’ by ACDC; ‘Someday’ by Mariah Carey.

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