Boy Do We Ever Have Such Sights!

The gang arrives back on campus for the new semester and-what?? Polaris University is gone? It's now a "Forbidden Zone"?? Boy I have got to start paying more attention!BEEP BEEP! After a brief 2-year hiatus, we're back with another LIVESTREAM SHOW just in time for spooky season! It's called THEY INVADED MY BRAIN and it's happening on Thursday October 19th at 8pm Eastern! For tickets and info, head over to!

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WE MAKE ANOTHER PODCAST:  Oh These Those Stars of Space!  In all sincerity, it's extremely fun and if you're not listening you are hurting yourself for NOTHING.

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Special Thanks as always to Sydney and Benjamin Paul and Tyler Button, and our first Big Freak: Kristina Lopez.

This episode features additional sound design by Michaël Ghelfi. Michaël creates brilliantly crafted soundscapes and ambient tracks for all sort of productions and they make perfect accompaniment to your ttrpg home games. Find his work on YouTube, and support that good stuff on Patreon.

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