[Patreon Preview] MÖRK BORG

"One day all will blacken and burn. Just as the Two-Headed Basilisks have predicted. The world is dying, time is short." 

Today we're playing MÖRK BORG: "A doom metal album of a game - Rules light, heavy everything else." Featuring Christopher Hastings, Joe Lepore and Tim Platt. 

Edited and sound designed by Kodiak Sanders with help from Taylor Moore at Fortunate Horse.

Mörk Borg is by Pelle Nilsson and Johan Nohr. Snatch it up for yourself at your local game shop or morkborg.com.To hear the entire game, head over to our Patreon for the whole adventure and hours of more incredible stuff you can only get there!! Who knows- perhaps your subscription will postpone the apocalypse for one day more...

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